Configuring WooCommerce Email Defaults

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In this section of the guide to establishing an E-Commerce site with WooCommerce, we’re going to look at configuring the basic email settings, which dictate the look of emails sent by WooCommerce.

Step 1) To find email options for the plugin, head to the Dashboard and click on “WooCommerce”. From the settings screen, find “Emails” at the end of the toolbar, and then choose “Email Options” from the secondary toolbar.


Step 2) When WooCommerce emails are sent out, they are done so using a “From” name and “From” email address. Fill in the boxes provided to set your name and email address for any emails sent using the plugin.


Step 3) The Email Template options provide you with opportunities to improve the look of your emails by adding a Header and Footer. This can make emails look more professional to your customers.


Step 4) You can change the Base, Background, Email Body Background and Email Body Text colours using the options provided. The plugin helpfully provides the colour schemes for you so you can edit more carefully. Save your changes when you’re done.


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