How to Manage Orders in WooCommerce

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The next step of the guide to using the WooCommerce WordPress plugin to set up and run an ecommerce website from, takes a look at the orders page, and how you can set-up and edit existing orders and sort them out…

Step 1) On the Dashboard, scroll down the left-hand sidebar until you find “WooCommerce”. Click on that to be taken to the “Orders” page.


Step 2) Once you are on the Orders page, click on “Add Order” at the top of the page.


Step 3) The “Add New Order” starts with the order details (including order number, date, billing details and shipping details – which are often the same). Fill these out according to your customers requests.


Step 4) The order items can be searched by entering the name of the product into the box below. Once you start writing in there, the search will begin, and you can click on the appropriate product. Click “Add Item” when you’ve found it. You can also add the fee attached to the item if it isn’t already included on the product.


Step 5) If you have added any items to your metadata, you can upload them as custom fields to any order. This could include links or images.


Step 6) Downloadable product permissions are for people who may want to download product details. You can assign these to particular products and grant access for other users to download the products too.


Step 7) The order actions available include: Resending order emails, New Order, Processing Order, CompletedOrder, Customer Invoice and Generate Downloadable Permissions.


Step 8) In the Order Totals section, you can add shipping costs, order discounts and calculate the total by yourself or by simply hitting the blue “Calculate Total” button to generate a final cost.


Step 9) You can add notes to every order using the Order Notes section, including specifying who the note is for, e.g. Customer Note, Private Note.


Step 10) We have completed an order to help showcase how you can add billing addresses and shipping addresses to the order. If the billing and shipping addresses are the same, simply click “Copy from Billing” to save yourself a bit of time.


Step 11) Once you have completed the order, it will show on the “Orders” page. From here, you can change the order at any time, change the status to ‘complete’ from ‘pending’ and view the order in its entireity.


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