How to Setup PayFast Payments with WooCommerce

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In this section of the guide to the WooCommerce WordPress plugin add-ons, we will show you how to install and implement PayFast payments into your website.

Step 1) On the Dashboard, scroll down to ‘WooCommerce’ and give it a click. From the dropdown, click on ‘Add-ons’


Step 2) From the ‘Add-ons’ page, click on ‘Free’ from the toolbar, and then click ‘PayFast’ from the options provided.


Step 3) You will be redirected  to the WooThemes PayFast Payment Gateway page. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ to get the ball rolling


Step 4) From your cart, click ‘Checkout Now’ to finish getting the PayFast add-on


Step 5) Your order will now be ready to purchase (for free!). Click ‘Place Order’ to get the plugin


Step 6) On the checkout page, click ‘Download File’ to get the plugin downloaded to your computer in the form of a .zip file.


Step 7) To upload your new add-on, go back to your Dashboard and choose ‘Plugins’, then ‘Add New’


Step 8) From the ‘Install Plugins’ page, click on ‘Upload’. To install your plugin, click on ‘Choose File’ and find your PayFast .zip file from your computer and click ‘Install Now’


Step 9) When the plugin .zip file has installed, all you need to do is click ‘Activate Plugin’ to finish the process


Step 10) To find your newly installed Plugin, click on ‘WooCommerce’ from the Dashboard and then choose ‘Checkout >> PayFast’ on the next screen.


Step 11) The first action is to change the currency to South African Rands via the Pricing Options section. This will enable you to make changes and enable the PayFast Gateway.


Step 12) Now that you have changed the cuurency, enable PayFast by ticking the box provided.


Step 13) You can change the title that the user will see on the checkout. It is best to leave it as it is so that you avoid any confusion.


Step 14) The Description will show users of your site what they are using, so make sure your description of PayFast is accurate.


Step 15) When you are developing and testing your site before it goes live, it is best to tick the sandbox box, so that you can make dummy payments without having to make actual sales. Untick the box when the site is live.


Step 16) Enter your PayFast merchant ID into the box provided.


Step 17) You will have received a Merchant Key at the same time as your ID, and it can be entered here.


Step 18) You can have debug emails for transactions made via the PayFast gateway sent to you when a payment is successfully processed.


Step 19) Enter the email address that you use for your business into the box below to be sent debugging error emails as they occur.


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