Setting Up Product Attributes in WooCommerce

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In the next step to the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin guide, we will show you how your ecommerce website can benefit from creating product attributes, which can help to single your products out by adding attributes such as colour, weight, height, materials, etc.

Step 1) To find the Attributes page, head to the Dashboard and click on “Products” from the sidebar. Then, using the dropdown options for Products, click on “Attributes” from the Menu.


Step 2) The attributes page allows you to create new attributes, and edit or delete existing ones from a list of exisiting attributes as shown below.


Step 3) By creating a new attribute, you can add extra product data which will help specify products for you. Add the name of your attribute in the box below.


Step 4) The next step is to create a URL for your product attribute. This is called a slug, and looks like this:


Step 5) You can configure your settings so that you can have multiple terms for your attributes. Text allows you to manually input your terms, whereas Select allows pre-configured terms via a dropdown list.


Step 6) You can choose between ‘Custom ordering’, ‘Term ID’ and ‘Name’ from the sort order dropdown, and this will determine the order of terms on the product pages. Click ‘Add Attribute’ once completed.


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