Managing Product Inventory Levels in WooCommerce

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The next step to setting up an ecommerce website via the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin is to guide you through the product inventory management options.

Step 1) To find the Products Inventory Options, scroll down to “WooCommerce” on the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard and choose “Settings” from the dropdown. Once on the settings page, click on “Products” and then “Inventory” from the two toolbars.


Step 2) Enabling stock management will allow you plenty of options to be notified as to when your stock is low, out of stock, or to provide a threshold as to how many items there are left for each product.


Step 3) Customers will often add something to a cart and then shop around further. By giving unpaid orders a timescale, your stock will only be held for a certain amount of time.


Step 4) It is important that you keep these boxes ticked so that you are notified when stock is low or out of stock completely.


Step 5) The notification recipient is the person whose email address the notifications are going to be sent to. This should be the person who is going to be using the site most often.


Step 6) The low stock threshold is set so that notifications can be sent out when stock is getting low. It will give you a heads up to replenish your stock. The same situation with the out of stock threshold, but you don’t have to set this to zero.


Step 7) To avoid any issues, you can tick the Out of Stock Visibility box so that any out of stock items are hidden from the catalog until they are replenished. The stock display format can be changed to show how much is in stock (e.g. 12 in stock) or a simple ‘In Stock’ notification.


1 comment


  1. paul

    This is a good basic intro to WooCommerce inventory management. In our business we find that we need to have different low inventory thresholds for different products because some sell faster than others and some take longer to re-stock than others. We are using a premium (commercial) plugin that lets us set separate thresholds for individual products. You can find it here: WooCommerce Inventory Notifier

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