Setting Up Product Tags for More Discoverable Products in WooCommerce

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In this section of the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin guide, we will take a look at product tags, and detail how you can use them to make your products more searchable for customers using your website…

Step 1) To find Products, head to your Dashboard and scroll down the left-hand sidebar until you find “Products” to click on.


Step 2) From the Products dropdown, click on “Tags” to be taken to the Tags menu.


Step 3) From the Product Tags page, you can add new Tags, or edit/delete the existing Tags from the box highlighted below.


Step 4) The most popular tags are shown at the top of the page. You can then add a new product tag below. The first step is to give the tag a name. This will mean that when you create a new product, you can simply click on the existing tag to add it to the product.


Step 5) The slug is the URL version of the tag, and can be used to promote website pages by creating a URL for the section.


Step 6) You can also write a description for your tag, which is used to differentiate between similar tags.6

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