Setting up Photo Tab for Products in WooCommerce

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In the next WooCommerce WordPress plugin add-on guide, we will show you how to install and implement the Products Photo Tab add-on, which allows you to display images for all of your products in a new tab on your page.

Step 1) On the Dashboard, head to ‘WooCommerce’ and click on ‘Add-ons’ from the dropdown.


Step 2) From the Add-ons section, click on ‘Free’ to bring up the list of free add-ons, and then click on ‘Products Photo Tab’ from the list provided.


Step 3) This will direct you to the plugin page for ‘Products Photo Tab’. Give the details a read-through before clicking ‘Download’, which will send a copy of the plugin to your Downloads folder in the form of a .zip file.


Step 4) Back on your website Dashboard, scroll down your sidebar and click ‘Plugins’, and then ‘Add New’. From the next page, hit ‘Upload’ and then ‘Choose File’, and find the .zip file for your new plugin and click on ‘Install Now’.


Step 5) Now that the plugin has installed, click on ‘Activate Plugin’ to complete the process.


Step 6) On the Dashboard, scroll down to ‘WooCommerce’ and click on ‘Settings’ from the dropdown. On the next page, click on ‘Products’, then scroll down until you come to the section called ‘Photos Product Tab’


Step 7) On the ‘Photos Product Tab’ section, you can choose what size you want your photos to be displayed. Choose between Thumbnails, Medium, Large or Full Size. If you want to enable WooCommerce Lightbox for photos in the tab, tick the box provided. This will expand your photos when customers click on them.


Step 8) Head to your product page via ‘Products’ on the Dashboard sidebar, and then click on the product you want to enable the photo tab for.


Step 9) Once you are in a page for a product, scroll down to ‘Product Data’ and from the General settings, you will find an option to enable/disable the photos tab. Enable it with a tick and you’re good to go.



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