Setting Up ShareThis Integration with WooCommerce

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In this section of the guide to setting up an ecommerce website using the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, we will look at getting ShareThis Integration via the add-on plugin. This can help customers share your products via social media, email and various other channels.

Step 1) From the Dashboard, scroll down your left-hand sidebar until you get to “Plugins” and give that a click.


Step 2) From the Plugins page, you can click “Add New” at the top of the page or choose “Add New” from the dropdown under “Plugins” on the left-hand sidebar.


Step 3) Type in “WooCommerce ShareThis” into the search box and click “Search Plugins”. Be sure to keep ShareThis together, because it will not find the plugin if the words are separated, as shown below.


Step 4) From the search results page, read the details and description for your desired plugin and then hit “Install Now”


Step 5) Once the plugin has installed and unpacked, hit the “Activate Now” button to finish the installation process.


Step 6) To find your ShareThis integration settings, head to “WooCommerce >> Settings >> Integration” from the Dashboard. You will find ShareThis in the secondary toolbar under Integration.


Step 7) To get the ShareThis widget for your site, enter your ShareThis publisher ID into the box to enable social sharing buttons on all your product pages.


Step 8) The ShareThis code can be edited if you feel you need to (and only if you know what you are doing). Otherwise, leave it be as shown below. Save any changes you have made at the bottom of the screen.


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