WooCommerce – How to Add Sharing Buttons and Analytics by AddShoppers

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The next step in the guide to setting up an ecommerce website using the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin is to look at a free plugin by AddShoppers called Sharing Buttons and Analytics. This plugin installs social sharing buttons to your site, and are tied to analytics that allow you to track sharing activity and identify the influencers that are bringing traffic to your site.

Step 1) Head to your Dashboard and choose “Plugins” from the left-hand sidebar…


Step 2) From the “Plugins” page, click on “Add New” from the top of the page, or choose “Add New” from the dropdown on the sidebar under “Plugins”


Step 3) In the search box on the next page, type in “Sharing Buttons and Analytics by Addshoppers” and click the “Search Plugins” button


Step 4) There should only be one option to choose from, so read the details and description provided, before clicking on “Install Now”


Step 5) The plugin package will unpack and install on the next page. Once this is completed, click on “Activate Plugin” to activate the plugin and complete the process.


Step 6) You can find the settings for the plugin under “Settings” on the Dashboard sidebar. Scroll down the dropdown until you find “Addshoppers” and give it a click. You will be taken to the Addshoppers settings page.


Step 7) The first port of call on the settings page is to enter your AddShoppers Shop ID. Sign up for an account and you will be given a shop ID and API details.


Step 8) When you set up your shop on AddShoppers, you will be given an API Secret, which is only necessary for social login (people signing in to your website via Faceboook, etc.)


Step 9) If you tick the box and enable the default floating buttons, you can have a number of social networks linked to your product pages, and one click will share the page to those social networks.


Step 10) You can choose which social networks you want sharing buttons for on your website. Choose between the most famous (Facebook, Twitter et al) and other social sharing sites (Reddit, Pinterest, ShareThis, etc.) and click to add them from this section.


Step 11) By ticking the box marked “Show Share for Coupon Button on Cart Page”, you allow for a box to be created that allows customers to get rewards by sharing certain pages and products. Make sure you read the instructions first!


Step 12) Return on Investment tracking is essential so that you know how many conversions you are getting for the amount of work you are putting in. Once you sign up to an AddShoppers account, you can track your ROI with WooCommerce.


Step 13) Many websites offer social logins, particularly when they want their products to be shared on social media. By allowing social login buttons above the login/registration form, you allow people to sign in to your website using Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Your API Secret must be set before you can activate this.


Step 14) By enabling a purchase sharing page, you can fill out details and create a form that will come up once a purchase has been made, and encourage the customer to share the details on their social media accounts simply by hitting a button. Just make sure that your copy and your images are enticing enough to make people want to share the page on Facebook, Twitter and co. Hit ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page once you have completed your settings.


Step 15) Once you have set up your account with AddShoppers, your analytics will show up in the Dashboard, and will include all the required stats: What people are sharing, how many times, when they are sharing them, and which social networks are bringing in the most traffic and shares. It is essential information that every ecommerce website owner can use to create a strong content and marketing strategy.

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