Managing Flat Rate Shipping Options in WooCommerce

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In this section of setting up an E-Commerce website with WooCommerce, we’re going to take you through setup of Flat Rate Shipping settings.

Step 1) From the Dashboard, scroll down the sidebar to “WooCommerce” and click on “Settings” from the dropdown. Choose “Shipping” from the toolbar along the top and then “Flat Rate” from the second toolbar. A flat rate is a single rate per item, or order.


Step 2) You can enable or disable the Flat Rate option by ticking or unticking the box provided.


Step 3) The method title can be edited if you wish to call it a different name.


Step 4) The Availability section allows you to alter the countries that are allow to have the Flat Rate. You can simply choose “All Allowed Countries” if you don’t need/want to specify.


Step 5) You can change the Tax Status on your Flat Rate orders from Taxable or None using the dropdown provided.


Step 6) Use this box to enter a cost per order in the box provided, e.g. 50. This is excluding Tax.


Step 7) In this box, you can add any additional rates to your shipping options. Enter the name, additional cost and the per cost type and keep it to one per line.


Step 8) You can change the additional costs to an order based on per order, per item or per shipping class. They will be automatically added to any additional orders you have entered in the box above.


Step 9) Use this box to add any costs, including the Shipping Class, Cost and Handling Fee, should there be one.


Step 10) Use this box to enter a minimum Handling Fee for items. The default is zero but you can change it if you want to create one.


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