How to Setup International Shipping with WooCommerce

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In this section of the guide to setting up an ecommerce website with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, we will guide you through the International Delivery setup.

Step 1) To set your International Delivery options, head to “WooCommerce” from the Dashboard and choose “Shipping” from the settings toolbar. A second toolbar will feature “International Delivery”. Give it a click and you’re there.


Step 2) International delivery is based on a flat rate for shipping. Tick the box provided if you would like to enable this.


Step 3) The method title can be changed from International Delivery to anything you would like.


Step 4) You can set International Delivery’s availability to selected countries, or choose to exclude selected countries instead. Whichever you choose, the next box is a list of countries, from which you can select which ones will be included or excluded from the list.



Step 5) You can choose to make International Delivery taxable or not using this dropdown option.


Step 6) You can choose to add a variety of costs depending on the circumstances, including per order (as below), per item and per shipping class.


Step 7) Add the cost that will be added in the box below, and as a number, e.g 50.


Step 8) You can choose whether to set a Handling Fee for your goods. If you choose to set one, you must also set the minimum handling fee in the box below. Leave them as N/A if you decide not to charge for handling.


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