Setting Up Free Shipping for Goods in WooCommerce

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In this section of the guide to setting up an ecommerce website with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, we will guide you through the Free Delivery settings.

Step 1) To set your Local Delivery options, head to “WooCommerce” from the Dashboard and click on “Shipping” on the toolbar. You can then choose “Local Delivery” from the second toolbar.


Step 2) Enable or disable local delivery by ticking or unticking the box provided.


Step 3) Change the title of the option if you feel you need to.


Step 4) You can edit the Fee Type from a Fixed Amount to a Fixed Amount Per Item or a Percentage of Cart Total using the dropdown provided.


Step 5) A set Delivery Fee can be entered into the box provided.


Step 6) If you would like to add the option of delivery to set postcodes/zip codes, you can enter them in the box provided. Use a comma to separate each one.


Step 7) You can set your local delivery settings depending on what country you are in, or make your local delivery international by allowing all countries for local delivery.


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