Setting Up Local Pickup for Your Products in WooCommerce

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In this section of the guide to setting up an ecommerce website with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, we will guide you through the Local Pickup settings.

Step 1) To change your Local Pickup options, head to “WooCommerce” from the Dashboard and choose “Shipping” from the Settings toolbar. “Local Pickup” can be found at the end of the secondary toolbar.


Step 2) Local pickup allows for customers to come and pick up their goods themselves. If you would like to allow for this option, tick the box enabling this option.


Step 3) You can change the title of “Local Pickup” to something less confusing if you would like, or leave it as it is.


Step 4) You can enter zip/post codes that you would like to enable for local pickup in the box provided. Separate them using commas.


Step 5) You can change the method availability to allowed countries or specified countries. It might be worth changing this to just your country, as it is unlikely that people are going to travel to other countries to pick up the vast majority of goods and products.


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