Configuring Shipping Options in WooCommerce

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In this section of the guide to setting up a WooCommerce enabled website with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, we will guide you through the shipping options available to you…

Step 1) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, click on “WooCommerce” and then choose “Shipping” from the navigational toolbar on the settings page. A secondary toolbar can be found underneath, and the first set of settings is “Shipping Options”


Step 2) The Shipping options begin with shipping calculations. Ticking these boxes allow for shipping to be enabled, for the shipping calculator to be added to the cart page. You can also choose to hide the shipping costs until an address is entered. This will change depending on how far you will be shipping your orders.


Step 3) The Shipping display modes will determine how these look on the page, including whether they appear as a dropdown, or as a list of options.


Step 4) The shipping destination options will determine whether the billing address is set by default as the shipping address, and to set restrictions so that you can only ship to the billing address.


Step 5) From this dropdown, you can choose from a list of countries and restrict your shipping to certain locations. You can also simply chose “Ship to all countries”.


Step 6) We will take you through the settings for each of the shipping methods below in the next few sections of the guide. But for now, you can enable or disable your shipping methods and drag and drop them to change their display order to change how they look on your main page.


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