Wordfence Security Performance Setup

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This section of the guide to Wordfence Security will look at the Performance Setup option.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Dashboard, look for Wordfence on the Left-hand sidebar and then click on Performance Setup on the dropdown menu.


Step 3) When someone visits your site, a lot of information has to be sent to your web host, and if there is a lot of information (Javascript, CSS, images), it can dramatically slow down the speed of delivery and loading times. Caching creates a static version of your web pages instead, and Wordfence Security offer two caching options to get your site performing much faster. You can get a boost of 2-3 times faster by Enabling Basic Caching or choose Wordfence’s Falcon Engine to receive a 30-50 times speed increase.


Step 4) The Cache options determine what type of pages can be cached throughout your site. You can also chose to add debugging data to the bottom of the HTML source of cached pages, and clear the cache when a new post is published.


Step 5) The Cache Management section gives you the option to view Cache Stats and to clear the cache whenever you see fit. The cache is often automatically cleared when a new post is published or general settings are changed. You can also choose URLs, cookies and browsers to exclude from caching simply by adding the URLs into the option below.


The next step of the guide will focus on Using Wordfence Security’s Whois Lookup to Identify Attackers.


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