Wordfence Security Scan Schedule

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The next step in the guide to Wordfence Security is how to use the schedule scans of your website using the Plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Dashboard, find Wordfence on the Left-hand sidebar and click on Scan Schedule.


Step 3) Scan Scheduling is only available for Premium Members ($39 a year), and is used by website owners who want real-time scanning of their sites that they can oversee themselves. You can change the timezone of your scans depending on where you are going to be when the scans take place, and you can set them for any time of a day, 24/7.


Step 4) On the Scan Mode section, choose between letting Wordfence schedule scans automatically, or scheduling your own using the planner/calendar below.


Step 5) Once you choose to Manually schedule scans using the calendar, tick boxes appear and you can schedule your scans by simply ticking the box on the day and time you require.


This concludes our guide of the Wordfence Security plugin.


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