WordPress SEO Setup Guide: Configuring the Dashboard

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This guide to WordPress SEO will show you how to configure the General Settings of the plugin, including tracking, setting your website info and social profiles.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on SEO >> General to find the General Settings page, which is split into four sections: General, Your Info, Webmaster Tools and Security. The General section starts with the Tracking option, which gives you the option of whether or not you wish to allow the developers of the plugin to track your data, so that they can use it to improve the plugin.


Step 3) In the Your Info section, you can enter your website name so that Google will show your name in its results. You can also add an alternative name, e.g. Apple (website name), Apple Inc. (alternative name). You can use the company or person section to differentiate to Google what type of website you are.


Step 4) The Webmaster Tools section allows you to add your website’s verification IDs for a host of great SEO tools, including Alexa, Bing and Google Webmaster Tools, and Yandex.


Step 5) The Security section of the settings toolbar allows you to disable the Advanced part of the WordPress SEO meta box, which means that you will take away tools such as redirecting posts and noindexing them from your users. This is only necessary if you are not the only Admin who can publish posts, and you want complete control of your posts SEO.


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