WordPress SEO Setup Guide: Social Media

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In this tutorial we’re going to walk through setting up Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ with Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin.


First of all, you can add your Facebook Open Graph data here, if you use a Facebook page for your site then it’s worth enabling this. If you want to use Facebook insights, you’ll also need to set yourself as an administrator and that can be done at the click of a button. Also, always make sure you have your Facebook Page URL defined.

facebook open graph and admin

Here we can see the OpenGraph tags in action, from the wpkb.com homepage.

open graph tags in action

Below that you can set your Frontpage URL and description, as well as the default image to be used for sharing posts, though neither of these are necessarily required.


As far as Twitter goes, the settings are super simple, you just need to enable the Twitter Card Metadata and enter in your Twitter username.

yoast seo twitter


The settings for Goolge+ are also very simple. First you just need to decide if you want to show publisher data for the homepage, which is best left as blank on a multi-author blog, but if it’s just you running your site, it’s perhaps a benefit to enable it. It will show your Google+ image in Google’s search results, and helps to personalize your site.

Next, you just need to add your Google+ profile link, and then link to your site from your Google+ About page, which enables you to set it up as a Publisher page, so content can easily be posted there.

google+ Yoast SEO

That’s all for social media settings in Yoast’s WordPress SEO settings, if you have any questions, please ask below.

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