WP Clef WordPress 2-Factor Authentication Plugin Guide

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Hello and welcome to the WordPress plugin guide for WP Clef, a very useful security plugin that creates an easy and secure way to log in to WordPress without the need for passwords, temporary codes or the single sign-on/off. All you need is a smartphone or device that is Android or iOS enabled, so you can download the free Clef app and sign in with that.

Step 1) On the Dashboard of your website, scroll down the left-hand sidebar and click on ‘Plugins’


Step 2) From the ‘Installed Plugins’ page, click on ‘Add New’ at the top of the page. Alternatively, click on ‘Add New’ from the dropdown menu under ‘Plugins’ on the sidebar.


Step 3) On the ‘Add Plugins’ page, type in the name of your plugin in the search box on the right hand side, at the top of the page.


Step 4) From the ‘Search Results’ page, scroll down to your chosen plugin and click the button marked ‘Install Now’. If you would like to learn more about your plugin, click the blue link marked ‘More Details’


Step 5) The plugin is now installed and unpacked into your website. The last thing to do now is click ‘Activate Plugin’


Step 6) Once activated, you will be redirected to the main Clef page, where you will be asked to get started by hitting the huge blue button shown below.


Step 7) The next step is to sync your website with the Clef app. Get the app on your iOS or Android device (click ‘I already have the app’ if you have it) or click ‘Get the Clef App’. Once you’re set up, you’ll be ready to get started.


Step 8) Once logged in, click the green button marked ‘Complete Setup’


Step 9) You will be given 3 tips to read for using Clef properly. Give these a read and then click the button marked ‘Got it’ to carry on


Step 10) There is a Chrome Extension called Waltz that allows you to do the same with Clef but on your social media accounts and email. Click ‘Try Waltz’ if you like the sound of that, or click ‘Go to Clef Settings’ if you want to bypass it and concentrate on using Clef for your website only.


Step 11) You will be redirected to the settings page of Clef, where you can disable passwords, preview your login form and more.


Step 12) Use the Disable Passwords option to take access away from users who don’t have access to Clef. Tick the boxes below that suit your needs, including disabling everyone, to choosing individual users (Moderators, Shop Accountants, etc.). You can also hide the login form from users.


Step 13) By ticking the box for Form Style, you will show the Clef wave as the primary login option, which only Clef users can access.


Step 14) You can show your support for the free Clef plugin and app by creating a badge for your other websites by clicking the blue link marked below, or by enabling the ‘Support Clef in your footer’ option, which will add a link in the footer of your website.


Step 15) Invite users to get Clef and gain access to your site by sending them an email featuring the people you choose from the dropdown provided.


Step 16) Your Clef API Settings can be found here, and are the keys that connect your site to the Clef app. Tick the ‘Allow visitors to your site to register with Clef’ box if you want to allow them to register with Clef.


Step 17) Below is an example of the preview of your login form. With your login form, simply scan it with your phone to sync your login with Clef and have access to your website.



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