How to Empty or Drop Tables with WP-DB Manager

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The next step in the guide to the WP-DB Manager WordPress Plugin is the ‘Empty-Drop Tables’ section, which is a process of enabling or deleting tables of information that have been collected over time, including events, failed logins, customers, links and lots more.

Step 1) Head to your Dashboard and scroll down to ‘Database’ from your sidebar. Then click on ‘Empty/Drop Tables’ from the dropdown provided. As you can see from the example below, there is a wide range of tables, with an option to tick boxes and then empty or drop the contents.


Step 2) If you are unsure of what these tables mean, there is a description under the main table. As you can see, dropping means deleting a table, whereas emptying deletes all of the rows.


Step 3) Tick ‘Empty’ or ‘Drop’ depending on what you would like to do for each table, and then scroll down to the bottom and hit the ‘Empty/Drop’ button to commit to which actions you have enabled.



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