WP Optimize By xTraffic WordPress Plugin Guide Overview

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Hello and welcome to the WP Optimize by xTraffic WordPress plugin guide, which is a plugin that allows users to optimize their WordPress websites for SEO (search engine optimization) and increase their website’s rankings on the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo.


  • Internal Link Building : Build automatically internal link with your keywords and your focused links or best related posts. In case you don’t set focus links, this plugin will automatically link to a post/page having the highest related content through optimizated algorithm. This is a perfect solution to set internal links of all the posts so as to keep the user to access your website longer, and to improve SEO effect for your website. Or you can use this Plugin to add sponsored links to other sites.
  • Optimize Images : Watermark images + Reduce image’s size + Optimize image’s Alt/Title + Rename image’s filename
  • Optimize Speed : Make your WordPress website load faster from 200% or more (speed up Apache and Nginx)
  • Optimize Traffic : create a list of related posts in the middle of article content to do :
    – Reduce website’s bounce rate;
    – Keep your website users to stay longer;
    – Increase Pageviews for the site;
    – Increase user experience;

Below you can find all our guides on this plugin.

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