5 Powerful WordPress Security Plugins

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This article covers five good plugins that you can use to help secure your WordPress website with ease.

Limit Login Attempts

Why: Grants you the ability to limit the number of login attempts, and can so so by IP and Cookies. It can also provide logging, so you can identify when someone is trying to gain access, and from what IP.

Google Authenticator

Why: Provides easy to use two-factor authentication for your website, without the authenticator code, you can’t log in. Naturally it requires a device for the Authenticator application to run on, such as an Android or iOS device.


Why: Similar to the Google Authenticator, it provides easy to use two-factor authentication for your website. There are two caveats though, one is that you need to buy a YubiKey from Yubico, and the second is that you need a compatible device, making it impossible to use from Mobile devices at this time.

Better WP Security

Why: Better WP Security covers some of the obscuring aspects of securing a website. Some features including renaming the Admin account, changing the database prefix, removing update notifications from certain users, hides the WordPress version you’re using, and can change the wp-admin and wp-login URLs.

It also monitors incoming connections to your site, and can automatically ban troublesome bots and user agents, and more. It’s definitely worth considering Better WP Security for securing your site.

Bulletproof Security

Why: Bulletproof Security takes a fairly unique approach in securing your site, as it takes advantage of your server’s .htaccess file. Note that due to this method, it’s strictly for Apache servers and is not compatible with Nginx

It blocks access to the most critical files on your server, such as wp-config.php, bb-config.php, php.ini, php5.ini, and install.php, amongst others. In addition, there’s a paid version with an outrageous number of features.

Even using one of these plugins will make a difference to the safety of your website, and should be considered as part of your overall security well being.

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