Refine Your Data with Filters in WP Slimstat

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In this section of the guide to WP Slimstat, we will take you through the filter settings section of the plugin, which is used to refine your data.

1) The Filter Settings can be found on the Toolbar of the “Settings” page, which is found under “Slimstat” on the Dashboard’s left-hand sidebar. From here, you can blacklist usernames and IP addresses that you don’t wish to track during your reporting. This can be staff and colleagues (so as not to confuse the stats) and known spammers and hackers who have visited before. The “capabilities” sections include Editor, Admin, Contributor and any other roles associated with the site.


2) The Profiling Section is useful for when you would like to ignore spammers and certain URL’s throughout your site that you don’t want to track. By clicking ‘Yes’ on Ignore Spammers, Slimstat hooks up to your security plugins (like Akismet) and identifies spammers, and then blocks them from showing their activity in the reports. You can also add countries to this list, which is useful if your business only operates in certain areas. There’s not much point covering India’s traffic in your stats if you’re a coffee shop in London. There is also the option to ignore user agents and referal sites that don’t need to be reported on.


3) The Miscellaneous settings include Enabling Privacy Mode (which will mask visitors IP addresses) and Ignoring Prefecth Requests, which prevents Slimstat from reporting on pageviews generated by Firefox’s link prefetching tool, which is a tool that looks at the pages Firefox users are visiting and prefetches sites that users might want to look at based on their activities. By choosing to ignore it, this will take away any users who have visited based on a prefetch from Firefox.


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