WP Slimstat Maintenance Settings: Import, Export, DB Management, and More

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In this section of the guide to WP Slimstat, we will take you through the maintenance settings section of the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, scroll down to Slimstat and click on Settings from the dropdown menu. From the settings page, click on Maintenance from the Toolbar. The first section is the Database Information, which shows the size and number of records for each section of the database, including stats, outbound links, browsers, screen resolution and content information. It also shows the engine you are using for your database.


Step 3) On the Data Maintenance section, you can choose to delete pageviews from certain browsers, country codes, users, IP addresses and more, using the second box to be more specific, using terms such as “contains”, “is equal to” and “is more than” to find different kind of pageviews and delete them from the database. You can also choose to delete all the pageviews and empty the database completely. Reseting the reports is useful for starting over or for when your report has been lost. You can also improve the performance of the database, but this will take up considerably more space than before.


Step 4) The Import and Export feature is for users who know how to change the Slimstat configuration. You can paste it into the box to change the configuration settings you have chosen. Click the Import button once you have pasted them in.


The next step of the guide will focus on WP Slimstat: Overview of Statistics (including Visitors, World Map, Traffic Sources and Content.


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