WP Slimstat Overview of Statistics – Including Visitors, World Map, Traffic Sources and Content

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In this final section of the WP Slimstat plugin guide, we will take you through the overview section of the plugin, where you can keep the statistics related to the visitors, world map (where your stats are coming from in the world), traffic sources (Google, Bing, social media, etc.) and content (what posts and pages are bringing in the most traffic).

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) To see an overview of all your daily stats, including pageviews, top pages, top traffic sources (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and more, click on Overview on the left-hand sidebar, underneath the Slimstat option. The At a glance section on the right gives a short and accurate count of your page views in real-time, and below that, you can view your Google Rankings, number of Facebook page clicks and page views and more.


Step 3) On the Visitors section on the Slimstat dropdown, you can view the number of daily human visits (real people, not robots and spambots), top languages, top browsers (Google Chrome, IE, etc.), top operating systems (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) and visit duration (the longer people are on the site, the better).


Step 4) On the Content section of the Slimstat dropdown, you can view stats for the average pageview visits per day, including content items, total comments received, pingbacks (links to pages on your own site) and trackbacks (links on other sites that direct people to your site) and more. This page is extremely useful for when you are having a lot of 404 visits, as you can see where your broken links are and fix them. You can also keep check on your outbound links, so you can check on them from time to time to see if they are being commented on and shared by users.


Step 5) The Traffic Sources section of the Slimstat overview is great for seeing where your traffic is coming from, including search terms (what people are typing into the search engines to find you), top referring search engines (it’s not all about Google!), and the top landing pages for your site. This can give an indication to what keywords are working and which ones need more work, and give you ideas for the kind of content to create to receive more traffic for your website via the search engines.


Step 6) The world map is a very cool feature, as it shows you in map form where your web traffic is coming from in the world. It is far easier to understand and work from than a long list of countries followed by a number, and will give you a great overview of where you content is resonating.


Step 7) If you click on Activity Log on the sidebar under Slimstat, you will get a real-time overview of the activity of what is happening on your site RIGHT NOW. It will show you who is using the site, where they are coming from (country and search engine) and what pages they are looking at. You might feel like Big Brother a little, but at least you will have control over what is working and what content is not garnering much attention and be able to act quickly.


This concludes our guide of the WP Slimstat plugin.


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