WP Slimstat: Changing the View Settings

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In this section of the WP Slimstat plugin guide, we will take you through the view settings section of the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Settings page, click on Views on the Toolbar to head to the page where you can change the settings related to who is coming to your site. In the Data and Formats section, you can alter how your stats come through in your reports, including how to view IP addresses (change them to provider names instead), the number format for views in your reports and whether you choose to show names, user agents and post titles or URL’s when you read the reports.


Step 3) The Functionality of your reports is important as they can slow the reporting down due to the servers having to work a little harder. You can leave the settings as they are below to make it easier on your servers, and if you need to, you can increase or decrease the number of rows to display in your reporting to keep them shorter.


Step 4) In the Activity Log section, you can make your real-time reporting super fast by changing the Live Stream to less than 60 seconds so that it refreshes more often, or slow it down by increasing the time scale. You can also change the number of rows on display in the Activity Log to make it easier to follow, and extend the log to include outbound links.


The next step of the guide will focus on Managing WP Slimstat Permissions.


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