How to Configure the WP Touch Mobile Menus

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This article will look at the Menu Configuration section of the WP Touch Mobile Plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left sidebar of the Dashboard, choose Menus.

WP Touch - Part 8 - Step 1

Step 3) On the Theme Menus section, you can choose which Menu you have as your Header. If you have more than one Menu on your site, a dropdown box will allow you pick between your menus. You can also choose whether or not parent and child posts (e.g. A country as a Parent page, cities and towns would be child pages – or sub-categories) show up in the menus together of separately.

WP Touch - Part 8 - Step 2

Step 4) Click on Menu Setup at the top of the Menu page. From here, you can configure your menus by choosing icons that will best suit each menu item. From the example below, you can see that there is a Home image. If you drag that to the Home section on the left, that image will become the icon for that Menu item. You can preview them at the bottom of the page and reset them if they don’t quite work and you want to play around with options.

WP Touch - Part 8 - Step 3

Step 5) Click on the Icon Upload & Sets tab at the top of the page. You can install different sets of icons or upload your own from your Desktop on this section.

WP Touch - Part 8 - Step 4

Step 6) There are a variety of different icon sets to install and go through. They are all worth going through to ensure that you have the right icons for the menus on your mobile site.

WP Touch - Part 8 - Step 5

Step 7) Once you have chosen and configured your menus, hit the Save Changes button.

WP Touch - Part 8 - Step 6

This concludes our guide of the WP Touch Mobile plugin.


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