How to Configure the WP Touch Mobile Theme Branding Settings

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This section of the guide looks at the Branding features of the Theme Settings on WP Touch Mobile.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) At the top of the Theme Settings page, hit the Branding icon to bring up the Branding page options.

WP Touch - Part 6 - Step 1

Step 3) Choose your Theme Colours. This will determine the colours of the background, header/menu, links and post/page headers. The example below is the default setting, but you can play around and Preview the Theme before making a decision.

WP Touch - Part 6 - Step 2

Step 4) Upload your site Logo to the Theme. This is really important for giving your website a unique look when people visit the mobile version of the site. The good news is that there is no editing required. The plugin automatically scales the image to suit the size of the mobile screen.

WP Touch - Part 6 - Step 3

Step 5) You can manually add any HTML (including images and weblinks)or written content you like to the Footer of your Theme. This is what the user will see when they scroll down to the bottom of the page.

WP Touch - Part 6 - Step 4

Step 6) For your Themes Typography, you can choose from 7 Google font pairings to ensure that the content on your mobile site looks the part for the user. Use the Preview Theme option for each one to see which one you like best.

WP Touch - Part 6 - Step 5

Step 7) The Sharing options allow you to have social media sharing at the bottom of your posts and pages. You can choose to have Theme Colours or the Social Network Colours for the links at the bottom, too.

WP Touch - Part 6 - Step 6

Step 8) Enter the complete URL of all of your social media links so that they will appear in the footer of your mobile site.

WP Touch - Part 6 - Step 7

Step 9) Once you have completed all of your Branding settings, hit Save Changes.

WP Touch - Part 6 - Step 8

The next step of the guide will focus on How to Configure the WP Touch Mobile Bookmark Icons Settings.


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