How to Configure the WP Touch Mobile Theme General Settings

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This section of the guide looks at the General features of the Theme Settings for WP Touch Mobile.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left sidebar of the Dashboard, hit Theme Settings. You will be taken to the General page. You will also see the Branding and Bookmark Icons tabs.

WP Touch - Part 5 - Step 1

Step 3) The first section of the General Theme Settings are related to the blog. This is to help you format exactly what is displayed on your site when you visit it on a mobile – from how many posts are shown in post listings (you are given the option to exclude categories and tags to narrow the number of posts available too) to how they are show, e.g Thumbnails, Dates, etc.

It is worth going back and forth on the Preview Theme option at the bottom of the page until you are satisfied.

WP Touch - Part 5 - Step 2

Step 4) On the next section, you can choose whether you want to show comments on pages. If you tick the box, it will automatically override the WP settings to enable comments to be shown.

You can also choose to have custom post support (including sliders) and a login form, which will allow mobile users to login to the site from their mobiles.

This also includes Sign up and Lost Password? options for users. There is also the option to customise your slide, which includes having certain images and posts/categories show in the main slider on the Home Page.

WP Touch - Part 5 - Step 3

Step 5) Once you have ticked all the boxes you need, hit the Save Changes button. Remember to Preview the theme to keep you on track.

WP Touch - Part 5 - Step 4

The next step of the guide will focus on How to Configure the WP Touch Mobile Theme Branding Settings.


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