WPKB Presents: MapifyPro – The Best Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

Mapify is certainly the most robust plugin for embedding rich Google Maps anywhere on a WordPress Website. It doesn’t matter what you want to map out, local restaurants, cafes, farmer’s markets, your cross country road trip — whatever it is, Mapify can handle it for you.

Markers can be any of the hundreds of included images, or a choice of your own, and the popups can even form a gallery for images or video. Realistically, there’s not much you can’t customize with Mapify.

Certainly, if you are a business owner with a physical location, and your website runs on WordPress, you would benefit greatly from Mapify.

Check it out today, Mapify comes in two versions depending on what you need, Mapify Basic and Mapify Pro. And if you get stuck setting it up, you can always check out the guides here on WP Knowledgebase.

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