WPKB Presents: WP Rocket – Supreme WordPress Performance

Want to make your WordPress Website blazing fast? Then you need WP Rocket!

WP Rocket is a premium performance plugin for WordPress that will accelerate it your site to the next level. It is a feature packed, frequently updated, and best of all, affordable, with licenses starting at a meager $39 USD.

It’s also outrageously easy to setup, more so when compared to other performance plugins.

Within moments of installing WP Rocket, you can setup page caching, cache preloading, Lazy Loading of images, minification and concatenation of CSS and JavaScript, GZip Compression, browser caching, image optimization, CDN Support, DNS Prefetching, Deferred JS Loading, Mobile detection, and more, with just a few clicks.

If you have any questions or want to know how to set up WP Rocket, just check out our guides, our favorites on the right, or a complete list below!

To get your copy of WP Rocket, head over to their website and make your purchase!

A Complete, Working Example of WP Rocket

In this article we’ll run through all the steps to completely setup WP Rocket on a WordPress Website, feel free to follow along. Our example is using the Twenty Fourteen theme.

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