xili-language: Preparing for the Installation

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Prior to installing and activating the xili-language plugin, it is mandatory to verify a few things:

A Translation Ready Theme

A translation ready theme is ready for localization. The code contains php functions to translate labels, items and texts according the current language used by the webmaster. xili-language will use this feature to create a multilingual context for visitors.

For this example, the theme twentyfourteen is used.

Some themes with special customized functions are not guaranteed to be multilingual. In same cases, an installed theme does not follow the rules of WordPress.

Step 1) On the server, navigate to the wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen/languages folder.

Step 2) Download the twentyfourteen.pot file to your local computer.

Step 3) Download and install poedit to your local computer.

Step 4) Open Poedit and select File -> New Catalog from POT / PO file.


Step 5) Select the .POT file or the .PO file you wish to translate (downloaded earlier).

Step 6) From the dropdown list, select a language. For this example, French was selected.


Step 7) Click the OK button.


Step 8) Click to select a string to be translated.

Step 9) Click to select from the available translation options.


In some instances, the hyperlink Unlock Online Suggestions will display on the right when trying to translate a string. In order to do this, you will need to upgrade to the paid version of this plugin.

Step 10) Repeat Steps 8-9 until all translations have been completed.

Step 11) Click the Save button to save any changes.

Step 12) On your local computer, you should now have 2 new files:

  • fr.po
  • fr.mo

Step 13) Copy these two files to the languages folder of your theme.

The next step of the guide will focus on xili-language: Installing the Plugin.


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