How to Setup the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Widget

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In the final section of the guide, we will take you through of the process of setting the Widget for the Yet Another Related Posts plugin so that related posts will show in the sidebar of your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Head to the Appearance section of the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, and click on Widgets to be taken to the Available Widgets page.


Step 3) On the available widgets section, scroll down until you find the Related Posts (YARP) widget.


Step 4) Click on the Related Posts (YARP) widget and you will be give the option of placing the widget on the available sidebars of your website. The number of sidebar options may change depending on the WordPress Theme you are using. In the example below, you can choose to have the Recent Posts shown in the main sidebar, first and second front page sidebar. Some Themes will allow you to have the posts shown in the Footer of your website.


Step 5) Once you have moved your Recent Posts (YARP)” widget to its new home, you will be given the option to display the Basic or Pro widget (the Pro widget will display sponsored posts), choose between a List or a Thumbnail display (or a customised version, if you feel you can edit the widget). You can also change the title of the widget to anything you like.


Step 6) If you choose the Yarp Pro display widget, you will have to get a Widget ID from the Pro Options page. Cut and paste that into the area provided and you can display relevant sponsored content on your site.


Step 7) Once you have set your widget, it will show in the Sidebar chosen as shown in the example below.


This concludes our guide of the Yet Another Related Posts plugin.



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